We supply new manufactured parts and components, by subcontracting to qualified manufacturers.
We specialize in F-16 and F-15, A-4, F-5, C-130, T-38, T-37 and F-4 parts, components, and assemblies.

We offer competitive prices and prompt deliveries. We keep a wide variety of parts in stock, and can build to print as per the
customer’s requirements. We can fill your orders in either small quantities or high production volumes.


We have over 1,000 parts in inventory that have been procured from the U.S. Government.

We have had limited production with U.S. Government approved sources since 2006 for F-15 parts.

We believe that the F-15 Eagle will become a major aircraft for many foreign countries after South Korea and Singapore recently acquired over 100 aircraft.


Type of parts: Air-frame, electrical components (wiring harnesses, cables, cockpit panels), tubes, ducts, ground support equipment and more. F-16 parts production, started in 1993, and increased in volume over time.

We have an extensive library of drawings and specifications as well as a core of loyal manufacturers for each type of product. All of our manufacturers are Lockheed or USAF approved vendors.

We are in close contact with our manufacturers by supplying them

hardware and components for assemblies (cutting our costs and gaining better control over production and deliveries). We also supply them with a full data package and special technical information such as true dimensional drawings (loft data and maylars).

ILN is proud to have relationships (direct or via third parties) with several foreign air-forces flying the F-16 aircraft.

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